Friday, December 11

Weekly Wears: Fairy Treat

Family Affairs Family Affairs Family Affairs Family Affairs Family Affairs
So... it has become entirely typical of me lately to stay in jammies all day and work or unpack (or whatever).  This week I've been making more of an effort to dress in a way that makes me feel awesome, and it's been a great reminder:  Don't dress up (or dress down) because anyone wants you to, OR expects you to.  Put clothes on that make YOU feel awesome.  That's what matters when it comes to getting out of jammies for work or coffee dates or trips to the store (I sometimes still wear yoga pants there.  Ooooooops).

Dress: c/o Family Affairs;  Socks: UO;  Shoes: Bali ELF;  Shirt: UO;  Necklace: Donna's Dress Shop

As I'm sure you already know, I'm 100% fan-girl when it comes to Family Affairs.  No joke.  Well, this gorgeous dress is half off for rest of this week with the code "fairytreat", so if you feel like you want it on your body... DO IT.  I bought myself a Ryan Adams cat sweater last night.  Sometimes you have to gift yourself, ya know?

I hope your week is wonderful, friends!  I'm off to prep for a super fun show with our band tonight!


  1. You look so pretty with your hair up! Love the dress (:
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  2. I loved the outfit Katie. You always look like a fairy, dear! :)

  3. You're so cute. This dress really does remind me of something a fairy would wear and you look like a fairy in it. I love that the shoes are so unexpected too, you know, not going with your basic black. The brown looks cuter anyways with an earthy vibe.