Thursday, November 19

Weekly Wears: Skadette Status

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I've talked time and time again about how many creative souls I've had the pleasure of meeting through my blog and social media.  It often strikes me, thinking back on a time with less opportunities to connect with so many talented people, just how lucky we are.  We get to present our artistic offerings to the world now, AND meet people who encourage and inspire us to follow dreams.  It really trips me out sometimes.

Dress: 23 Skidoo;  Tights: ModCloth;  Boots: Seychelles;  Hat: Free People;  Bag: Bali ELF

My friend, Courtney, made this dress.  I met her through Instagram and am constantly in awe of her talent and eye for design.  This is my second 23 Skidoo dress, and I hope to grow that collection for years to come.  (You can see my first dress as a Skadette here.)

Anyway, keep on making, fellow makers!  You are inspiring and awesome and following your dreams!  xo.


  1. This. Is. Magnificent! :D
    And I'm still so, so in love with your hair.

  2. That dress is beautiful, just so cute Katie x

  3. So cute! Like a grown up version of Suzy Bishop.


  4. I love your words. Seriously, it is the best to meet people who have the same passion!

  5. Great words and so true. Totally love social media for inspiration and soul connections.

  6. Did you get a monroe piercing?! I love it. Fits you so well! I've always wanted one.

  7. love the neckline and print of the dress so whimsical and fun!
    I just did a post on winter fashion :)