Friday, July 31

July Garden Goods

July Garden
Whew.  How is it the end of July already??  This month we had more large amounts of rain, so that definitely took its toll on some of my plants.  We're finally getting tomatoes, our basil is doing great and has just started bolting, and these little peppers that I THOUGHT were bell are actually some sort of super spicy, tasty guy.  The cucumbers are fat and delicious and we've finally started getting green beans from the seeds I planted!  All in all, I've loved the July garden!

July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden July Garden
I'm not the best at using up my basil, so my favorite thing to do with it is to make these tomato/basil pizzas with a garlic sauce.  Seriously, so good!

July garden, you were great to us!  Now, let's see what August holds.


  1. It all looks delicious! Totally in the mood for homemade pizza now!!

  2. We have radishes growing out of our ears over here! Summer gardens are the best.:)

  3. It looks delicious! Kisses from Brasil.

  4. You should try freezing your basil in ice cube trays - you can either unfreeze it later and use it as regular basil or put basil ice cubes in drinks!

  5. That pizza looks yummy and fresh tasting! I can't wait for my garden to start producing veggies.

    Very random and off topic question, how do you get your photos to fit the width of your post column? Mine are always random sizes and I can't figure it out!

  6. I love your little garden update posts! Our garden is doing really well this month too! I think July is probably my favourite month in the garden! Those pizzas look so tasty!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  7. I'm thinking dinner is pizza tonight. Yours looks very good, I'm inspired :)

  8. You're making me crave pizza now!! The vegetables look beautiful! I may just not make mini pizzas tonight for dinner. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. i love tomatoes and basil too! homemade pizza looks delish :)
    great idea!

  10. Ah! Your garden is looking amazing! We have more cucumbers and squash than we know what to do with, so it's interesting coming up with ways to use everything that we haven't shared with friends. Our tomatoes and peppers are just staring to come in strong. The rain was a killer this year though!