Friday, March 6

Snapshots: iPhone Edition

Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition
I haven't been shooting much with my DSLR lately, so here's a bit of life via iPhone pictures.

**Poesy being Poesy in her Wildlings top.
**Working in the "other" studio space.
**A sweet present from Johnny during a weird week (have I mentioned he's the best?).
**A refreshing visit to Rachel's house and getting to spend time with this little gem.
**Happy mail from my sweet ABM pals.

Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Editions Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition Snapshots: iPhone Edition
**Lunch date with the lil' lady.
**Hope receiving first place on the balance beam last weekend.
**Pretend SnapChat because Johnny refuses to get it.  ;)
**Patterns I'm totally stoked about via Tilly and the Buttons.
**Donut day with Poesy Wren.

We have a rare weekend off from The Mixtapes, so I'm going to be using up every possible second to be super mega productive.  Oh, yeah... and I'm going to go plant shopping because that sounds really, really nice.  Here's to the weekend and everything it holds.  xo.


  1. omg little smith is too cute!

    xx nikki

  2. I absolutely adore this version of Romeo and Juliet! The music, the movie, Leo... did I mention Leo? ;) I've seen it a million times, but I could easily watch it a million more!

    ♥ Ems

  3. I always loved that Romeo and Juliet movie, Clare Danes is just wonderful x

  4. Ahhhh! This is so cute! My favourite is definitely the very top one. I love the idea of capturing life through iPhone photography, but I can never seem to do it in a visually appealing way... Do you have any tips?

    - Manna :D

  5. wow, first place! you must be one proud mama.

  6. Love Poesy's hat in the first pic, and those patterns look amazing! I might have to find some for myself....

  7. Lovely, as always!

    I've been away for a week so now I must begin looking through your blog to see what I've missed. Can't wait! :-)))


  8. Adorable photos! Also I loved Romeo and Juliet.

  9. I am so impressed with Hope! She seems to be doing SO SO well with her gymnastics! good on her! congrats.

    You guys all look great. Lots of love from Paris! xx

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  10. Great shots
    and I have that CD too :D I LOVEEDD it as a kid. Though didn't like all the songs on there but still had it on repeat along with the Practical Magic sound track ;)

  11. OMG totally adorable!!! Plus Romeo & Juliet! I remember that movie! A lot of people didn't like it...probably because it was ahead of its time...but I loved it!



  12. The unicorn on the wall though . . . great insight on your everyday views! So lovely!