Thursday, August 7

Weekly Wears: Embracing Change

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My family has been going through some pretty big life changes lately, and with those changes come the waves of excitement and anticipation for things on the horizon.  On the flip side, there is also that sadness of letting go of some things that have been important to you for a long time.  I'm a strange mix of a person who needs constant change, but requires a few super stable, never changing things in my life to make me feel anchored.  You can't control everything around you, though, and sometimes letting go makes all the room for the best new things to come.

Dress: c/o ChicWish;  Shoes: Emerging Thoughts (last year);  Necklace: c/o Shlomit Ofir;  Apple Purse: ModCloth;  Barrette: via Emerging Thoughts

Are you a person who loves change, or are you more about consistency?  I think they are both very important!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I think I'm with you. I love change and do well with it, but there's some things I just enjoy consistency with (like a good daily routine).

  2. Hi Katie, I feel quiet the same as you: I need some stable bases in my life, but on the other hand, I embrace mayor changes to keep my head and my spirit stimulated and... changes are so much fun !
    Cheers from Paris, France !

  3. I feel that I am like you and want change and stability. I want change in where I live or my job but I like stability with the people in my life and knowing they will be there no matter what change.

  4. I think that life is all about finding balance. When there are things going on in my life that are beyond my control I like to make sure that I have stability in the things that I have control over. However when life seems to be too stable and under-control it can be boring, and that's when I like to add a little spontaneity and shake things up a bit. Can't wait to hear about your exciting things ahead.

  5. Yeah I'm a bit like you - it's a bit of a balance! Although being a very anxious person I get so nervous for change, but I'm usually okay when I get used to it. Amazing dress and hair clip btw!

    Jade x ♡

  6. that dress is gorgeous! love that color on you!


  7. That sounds quite familiar... I like little changes, too. For instance, if I stick with the same haircut for too long I feel the urge to change its color. I'm a grow-your-bangs cut-your-bangs kinda person, I guess. But I'm also quite a freak when it comes to my surroundings and my people, even d├ęcor changes bother me sometimes. But people leaving is what strucks harder. A best friend of mine is moving to Miami soon (from Spain! Won't be visiting that often...) and I'm kinda waiting for reality to hit me...
    Hope all your changes are for the better! Take care! xoxo

  8. cute outfit!

  9. What an adorable dress! Perfect for summer.

    I'm definitely someone who LOVES change. I'm always wanting to try something new, move to a new place, rearrange my furniture. I can't stand when I start to get into a rut. Nothing makes me more insane.

    xo Denise

  10. I have always craved change until I turned 30. Then I really wanted a few stable things in place just like you. I also have learned that you can only control so much and once I let that go I found I was much happier and it made getting through life a tad easier. Glad I'm not the only one who gets these feelings!

  11. Couldn't agree more Katie! Love change and feel like if I don't have enough of it, I'm stagnant. But the only way I can thrive on that kind of lifestyle is if certain pillars remains constant in my life, like anchors as you said. Wishing you real peace and joy as you welcome change :)

  12. I'm like you, I need change with some stable things. Otherwise I get totally bored and want to do something drastic and crazy.

    Love your outfit! Also, you're one of the few people I know who has a great smile showing teeth and not showing teeth. I can only smile with my teeth or I look weird. Good luck with the changes!!

  13. I'm also kind of a mix. I'm not a huge fan of change but I can't stand when things start to get old or it feels like the same thing over and over.

  14. I'm a person who dreads change, and also a person who is very easily overstimulated! I think people who need more stimulation than I do enjoy change, and maybe crave it, and become bored without the stimulation of senses that change brings. (I think this is more typical than my "NO, PLEASE, NEVER" attitude about change.)

    But then, I think it's all about controlled change versus change you have no control over. The change you have control over can be wonderful because it's voluntary and stimulating. The change you have no control over can be scary and tough or emotionally unsettling. It's about perspective!

  15. definitely need a good balance. change is inevitable and keeps life interesting, but it is important to have something to anchor yourself to and remind yourself who you are and where you came from.

    it seems as though this period of change is doing you well, you look stunning! i guess there's always a silver lining huh?

    xo, toolie.

  16. So pretty Katie, your dress is just divine x

  17. I am not very good with change, even though I know it's necessary to grow. I'm the kind of person who finds comfort in stability. I'm working on trying to get out of my comfort zone though. Good luck with whatever changes you are going through! :)



  18. I love this post. I've been feeling a lot of the exact same things lately :)


  19. I'm someone who doesn't like change because it affects me internally and i have a strong memory for things and places that is short and random at the same time, but i'm definitely someone who have experienced change a lot. loved this post.
    Rita x