Saturday, February 15


I've seen these adorable little Projecteo projectors around the web here and there, and I knew how much the girls would get a kick out of it!  Seeing their photos projected on the wall definitely earned that little gal amazement.  Plus, it totally reminded me of my grandpa and his old slides of the family.  I LOVED hearing all the stories behind each slide and seeing photos of my mom and her siblings and my older cousins.

If you aren't totally familiar with this little gadget, basically, you choose your photos and they stick them in a slide reel and you project it with this palm-sized projector.  The best part for us was Poesy being able to use it without it breaking!

(I tried to capture the wall projections, but low light photography is a little tricky!)
If you are interested in acquiring one of your own, here is a code for $5 off for you and a $5 credit for me: FRIEND0A01
After you order your first Projecteo, you'll have your own code to share and earn rewards for more wheels!

Is this something you or your family would get a kick out of?  I could see this being a really fun gift for a parent or grandparent.


  1. I saw this advertisement on ABM! It looks so cool!


  2. I have seen these before and thought they were such a good idea. Something so simple too.


  3. This is so great! So cool and perfect and dainty too! x

  4. this is way too cute! perfect for grandparents! :)


  5. Oh that is wonderful! I love this. Thanks for the code, how marvelous!
    I'll be sharing my code once I get my own little cute Projecteo :D
    Have an amazing day!

  6. It's such a cool thing! We got ours quite early by supporting the manufacturer's kickstarter campaign - and I was so excited for a few weeks that I kept our Projecteo by the bed and we watched our pictures every night before falling asleep. :D

  7. I've been wanting to try out this little gadget! Thanks for sharing!

  8. So cute! I've been wanting to try it out for a while. Did the pictures come out clear?


  9. Thank you so much for the code. I have just purchased one for my cousin who's birthday is coming up soon. I hope he loves it.