Friday, September 14

Weekend Roundup

I'm possibly the least qualified person to do an online roundup this week, but it here it is anyway!  ;)

First off, I'm so, so proud of my dear pal Elsie for her collaboration with ModCloth.  I think this dress is absolutely DARLING!

I loved Tieka's Autumn Effect Tutorial for Photoshop.  The end result is so pretty!

I think I may need to acquire this lovely piece of artwork from Paper Sparrow.  It's wonderful.  :)

Maiedae has been one of my favorite blogs for quite a while now and happens to be one of my featured sponsors this month as well.  Savannah's blog is absolutely gorgeous and full of inspiration... I hope everyone out there reads it as regularly as I do!

I hope you all have the best weekend!


  1. Aw, thank you for the shout-out, Katie! I'm so excited you liked the tutorial. :)

  2. I like very much your blog, so nice post
    I'l be very grateful if you could visit mine and let there your opinion

  3. Aw, we both read the same blogs, love music & art, and often tweet-talk..
    Great virtual friends already! haha


  4. Katie you are too sweet!! Thank you so much. :)

  5. I can't wait for Elsie's modcloth collection to come out! The Modern Heart dress is my favorite!:)

  6. I absolutely love your blog honey :*