Monday, April 2

Spring Purse DIY

We have been thoroughly enjoying this new Spring season.  The sun has been shining, the weather has been beautiful, and the flowers are blooming.  I felt so inspired by the beauty around me that I decided to whip up a cheerful little purse to match my mood!

Here are some supplies you might need for such a project:  a straw purse (this one was thrifted for $2), some fake flowers, fabric, scissors, and hot glue.  In all, this project probably cost me $8.

First, take the fabric you've chosen and tear 3 or 4 long strips, depending on how big your purse is.  
 Wrap these strips around the purse and tie in a knot.  This will be the back of your purse.
Now, pop your flowers off of the stems.
Snip off the plastic piece on the back as close to the flower as possible.
Arrange your flowers on the front of the bag and hot glue into place.  Be as creative as you want!
All finished!
We were actually so pleased with the end result that Hope wanted to make one for herself as well.  More matching things... my favorite.  :)
Happy crafting!  xoxo Katie


  1. Really cute! And definitely a cool mother/daughter-accessory:)

  2. Absolutely darling. This spring weather is getting to me, too...I stand a little taller, bike a little faster, and wear outrageously coloured shoes. (:

  3. Great idea! I have one that I don't use, I'll probably do something like this with it! :D

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  4. How pretty! I love how you tied the back. I love even more how you made one for your girl! So fun!

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  5. So cute! Tell Poesy she's totally slacking by not making a matching one, too.

  6. Hattitude Style Blog

    awww this is just too cute! you're so creative. i love the little one's purse. adorable.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  7. I totally squeed when I saw Hope's matching purse - SO adorable! :) Great tutorial; I think I have some old Hawaiian flower garlands hanging around somewhere, those flowers would be perfect for this! :)

  8. My girls would love designing their own.

  9. This is adorable! Such a great beach or picnic bag!

  10. so precious :)


  11. Such a cute and really easy DIY! The matching part is definitely the best! I'll do it for sure with my daughter too :)

  12. just might trip this with a bag i already have. great idea~