Tuesday, August 9


One of my favorite things my old blog layout offered was a blogroll.  Anytime someone would post a new blog, their blog would pop to the top of the list and I could keep up with everyone.  I chose to lose the blogroll for a much cleaner design (which I love), but as the months went on I found myself not really even reading blogs anymore.  I thought about doing a reader, but decided to check out Bloglovin' and I have to say, I love it.  It's a very tidy way of keeping up with everyone, and when I do fall behind there is this magic button that says "mark all as read".  Perfect.  :)

If you are looking for a way to manage all of the blogs you follow, I would totally recommend it.  And, if you are on there you can most definitely follow this blog if you'd like.  :)  xoxo Katie
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P.S.  I posted Music Monday a little late yesterday, so be sure to check it out!  <3


  1. Thanks Katie. I'll check out Bloglovin. I've seen it on everyones pages but wasn't really sure what it was!

  2. I love bloglovin too! its also great for finding new blogs(:

    P.S. I love your music posts<3

    Have a nice and crafty day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. I've been using bloglovin for a couple of years now, best thing I ever did. All my favourite blogs are organised & I can read or not read whatever I want!

  4. I've tried Bloglovin and I just can't get into it. I'll have to try again :) Are you allowed to follow any blog that you want, even if they don't have a bloglovin button?


  5. i LOVE blog lovin too. i used to always just have everything book marked and it would take forever go through the blogs. i haven't ever used the 'mark all as read button" even when my to be read number is over 1000! i just don't want to miss anything!

  6. I've been using Bloglovin for quite awhile now and love it! I wish more of my favorite blogs were on there, because it gets confusing sometimes trying to remember where to find everyone (blogger, Google Reader, Bloglovin...).

  7. Bloglovin is magical. I recently had to click Mark All as Read when I got a month behind. I try to keep up! <3

  8. I too am now an avid Bloglovin user, for the exact same reasons as you.

    And in answer to Katie's question above: yes you can use Bloglovin to follow any blog on any server/provider - *yay!* it was one of the big factors in using it as it works across all feed types so you really can follow the blogs you want to from one point.

    Have fun!

  9. I love my blogroll but bloglovin' seems pretty freakin' awesome.

    ♥ sécia

  10. I follow you on Bloglovin! I love it as well! One interesting thing about your blog on there though, is whenever I open your blog from Bloglovin and try to comment, it won't open the comment page. I have to go out and go to your blog the regular way to comment. Weird huh?

  11. I've been using Bloglovin for months now and LOVE it. I agree it helps keep everything organized and it's easy to see everything you want. I also can't comment on Bloglovin' on your blog and have to open it in another window. If you change your comment setting to POPUP it will allow it.... for some reason it just won't open it in a second window.


  12. I love the color of your hair. Is that your natural color?

  13. I use blogloving as well...
    It's so easy to follow all the blogs I love!!!
    Have a magical day ;)

  14. I've never tried bloglovin' but I LOVE my google reader - seems to be kind of the same thing?!

  15. bloglovin' is absolutely the best reader! i only found it about 6 mo. ago, but it's been really helpful!

    i like how bloglovin' lets you organize your blogs into groups, like i have a "must read" group... 'cause i often wonder if i'm crazy for trying to follow 45 blogs... and i stress trying... does anyone else do this?

  16. I've changed the comment settings, so let me know if you can comment in Bloglovin' now! <3 Thanks for the heads up!

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  18. Your hair makes me super jealous on a daily basis! Just sayin!
    Great blog..I read it everyday!


  19. I just got on a few days ago. seems pretty rad so far

  20. I'm a total Bloglovin addict. I'm in Australia so most posts in my roll come up overnight, I love checking Bloglovin on my phone on the way to work in the morning!

  21. Oh wow!
    Thanks for posting this.
    I have been wondering what bloglovin is...
    And wondered if its worth it.

    There are so many interesting blogs that I want to read .

    I will try it. Thanks to you :)
    Nice blog, by the way :)

  22. I love Bloglovin'! Also, congrats on being the new Red velvet girl! Excited to hear more about it :)

  23. I keep hearing about Bloglovin'. But you have convinced me to start using it :)

    xo. molly

    PS. LOVE your dress!!!

  24. I know I just started my blog and heard great things about this so put it on mine. Though it's kinda sad to see the amount of followers I have hehehe. But I'm new!

    You have a cute blog Xx.

  25. I've been using Bloglovin' for quite some time now, and don't know how I managed to stay on top of all my faves without it! And now that we have Pinterest too, my computer is no longer bogged down with excessive pictures and bookmarks saved on the hard drive!