Monday, July 25

Music Monday and Blowfish Winner

I could probably listen to Stacy and/or Sherri sing all day.  I may or may not have a teeny bit of a girl crush when it comes to them.  Maybe.  ;)

AND... I'm sure you're wanting to know about the Blowfish Shoes winner. 

Congratulations, Sparklegirl.  You win shoes.  Really good ones.
I'll email you soon.

Happy Monday, friends!  xoxo Katie


  1. wow, she has a wonderful voice

  2. Her voice is absolutely beautiful :)
    Thanks for the recommendation and congrats to the blowfish winner!
    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. This song can make me cry on occasion. They're definitely my favorite band, since 2004.

  4. I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Sherri. I think she's perfect, and all the Duprees are so talented. I love how related Stacey and Sherri's voices are even thought they're still completely unique, you know? =]

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  6. I love Eisley more than I should... Wished they'd come back to the UK so much I loved seeing them live.

    Thanks for brightening my day x

  7. I love Eisley so so much. I saw them live and met each one. They are so personable and nice. People's personalities really shine through their music. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I think I might have a girlcrush on Sherri. I can not stop listening to The valley at all.

  9. Darling notebook! What I really want to say is that you have cutest blog design around the best blog buttons I've ever seen, seriously.

  10. Eisley is amazing!

    And yippie!! I won!!