Thursday, May 26

Etsy Love

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face.  It's time for some Etsy love!

This dress wants me to wear it.  It told me so.

I LOVE this!!!

These are so pretty!!

This is saying a lot... I'm crazy for some B&G.

What girl is NOT drooling over one of Moorea's pieces?  I certainly don't know one. 

 I'm off to meet up with one of my dearest friends.  Her name is Amy and she is the girl who encouraged me to pursue Skunkboy Creatures AND she taught me how to bake pie.  She is amazing, and it's been four years since I've seen her!  I'm pretty excited.  ;)  
Happy Thursday!  xo. Katie


  1. Oh. My. GOODNESS.
    You're right. That dress really deserves some love.
    Um. What are you waiting for!?!?
    It's beautiful! The perfect color.

    And the B&G sign is darling.

  2. Lovely selection! That dress is so pretty! :)
    Have lots of fun with your friend!anyone who shares pie baking skills must be a good person in my books!

  3. Haha! " and I haven't seen her in 4 years..." No big deal.. it's an understatement for sure to say that 4 years is a long time to go without seeing a friend.

  4. awwww you are so sweet. thank you for featuring my bling! Snap, you'd look really cute in that headpiece. It's definitely meant for a retro lovin' cute red head like yourself :)

    xo moorea

  5. That dress is beautiful, I love the color!

  6. Ooooh, wanna share that dress?!! :) it's so so so pretty!!

  7. There is something funky with that waist measurement on that amaaazing dress. I would be surprised with a 35" bust there would be a 22" waist? Maybe it is elastic and the max stretch is bigger?

    I goofed on this a few times when I first started my Etsy shop. I didn't know why cetrain dresses wern't selling even on sale?

    I too, had some really small waist sizes and didn't account for the stretch in them!

    Great picks!

  8. That headband is so cool and unique, I'm giving it a clicky.

  9. The dress and headband are so so awesome. I think I am inspired to create more things right now.

  10. The earrings! The headband! I want!

  11. Oh yes , the dress is indeed divine. I am so into dresses at the moment. Go get it now before I do. Save me from myself please>

  12. I love YeeHaw's work! I have that postcard plus two others on the side of our fridge!

  13. So much etsy shopping to be done when I move back to the states. I'm in trouble, I still have 11 months to go!

  14. That is SUCH a sweet dress! Also, I love Moorea Seal!