Tuesday, December 14


Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated, and I feel like I'm having one of those weeks.  I'm nearing the end of my Christmas orders, but I'm starting to lose steam.  Luckily, it's photos like this that make me happy and keep me inspired to keep on stitching:

Isn't Shannon beautiful?  You should also check out her fireplace DIY.  It's so clever!!!  

xoxo Katie


  1. I hear ya. I'm feeling the same way right now. Just another week to push through then it's time to sleep and regroup. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!! -alyssa

  2. That's a fabulous, rocking photo!!!! It just has MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL OVER IT!!!!!!

  3. You are very fortunate to be able to find what you love to do and earn something from it. Look at some of us who struggle to find our niche and no matter how we try some of us can't seem to break in and fulfill our dreams.

    I try to remain calm about it and still work on pursuing my dreams and looking at people like you who has fulfilled the same dream inspires me to go on and never give up. I hope someday I can have the same recognition and success with my blog and creations as you have.

    I hope you know how blessed you are and how loved you are and your little creatures by us who peek into your little wonderland every now and then.

  4. I hope inspiration came to you this week! Your creations are so lovely, I bet they've brought joy to a lot of people this holiday :)