Friday, September 17

Friday From My Phone

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm not currently doing anything overly exciting (at least not for blogging)... just trying to get unpacked from last weekend, packing orders, and sewing.  I thought for the time being I would share my week in photos from my phone.  :)

Our booth at the beginning of Renegade.  Eeek!

My helper standing in the rain (she wasn't thrilled about wearing the hat that morning...)  ;)

Fall clothes, pumpkin muffins, floral tights (that still fit from last year- YAY!)...

A stop at Jilly's on the way home from Chicago.  This vanilla cupcake with lemon-cream cheese icing and a touch of raspberry filling is my new favorite cupcake!

Hello Kitty waffles (I have too many pictures of food!).

A photo of me and my ever-growing belly.  This dress would be perfect if I could only zip it... ;D

This weekend will be filled with REST, a little bit of sewing (hopefully lots of ghosties), and too many trips to Starbucks.  What is it about Fall that makes us so crazy for the Bux?  :)  xoxo Katie


  1. its the nasty colder weather that had us addicted to the starbucks! here its rainy and cold and i sure could use a hot chocolate to warm me up!

  2. i have the same waffle maker....i get made fun of all the time because of it. it doesnt bother makes me smile

  3. you are too adorable pregnant. How's Hope liking the homeschooling? Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Awww, Hope is such a cutie in that outfit! Those pancakes made me hungry. ^__~

  5. we have the same hello kitty waffle maker, they're our favorite kind of waffles :)

  6. At the risk of sounding like a proper stalker...Hope looks seriously cute in that checked coat and hat ensemble - I am a sucker for kids dressed as grown ups!

    ...I bought my boyfriend the same melodica for Christmas...

    ...and mine's a chai tea latte, thanks :)

  7. its the pumpkin cream cheese muffins and pumpkin spice lattes. they get me every fall. i may have even jumped up and down a little the first time i saw them back this season. :)