Friday, August 27

Today I Vow...

I was browsing dresses online this morning and I had a moment.  You know, the moment where you stand back, realize what you are doing, and shake your head at yourself.  I am not a good browser.  Shopping=buying for me.  So, today...


Not to buy a dress for a month.  I think this will be a healthy exercise for me.  Also...

(image from

*I vow to clean the clothes out of my floor today.
*I vow to finish designing 2 things I'm working on for Renegade.
*I vow to have a picnic outside with my girl and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

See?  Now I have to do these things.  Vows are serious business.  ;)  xoxo Katie


  1. Totally serious.

    And I feel better that I'm not the only creative type with clothes on her floor. Clean ones AND dirty ones. But in two separate piles so that should count for something. ;)

  2. Good luck! :D
    I've managed to buy 5 dresses in the past 4 weeks...& more vintage jewellery then I can poke a stick at!! Etsy is becoming my are shops in general! ;) hehehe x

  3. i need to clean the clothes off of my floor too and a picnic sounds so wonderful! I hope you get all of your work done!

  4. I need to make a similiar vow about shopping...

  5. can you ever have too many dress though? :o hahaha.
    good luck with your vows my love.

  6. This is a totally random aside, but I love your shop announcement on etsy. It's so ... welcoming and fun.
    You need some new items in there though! :D

  7. Vows are good. I like your list. A picnic sounds delightful.

  8. That is one of my very favorite pics on weheartit! IT always reminds me of my childhood fave book 100 dresses... "all lined up in the closet"

  9. Wonderful! Good luck :) And enjoy your picnic!!

  10. What a wonderful photo!!! Picnics are simply grand enjoy!!!

  11. Deal! vows are very good indeed!

    i vow to make a dress in the next month!