Wednesday, July 30

Wow, it's my very own blogsite that has existed for most of a year...

It's funny... I don't know how many people Google themselves, but I'm shameless and I did. In doing so, I found my blog. I had completely forgotten about it... my sweet friend Amy set it up as a photography blog when she was here in January, and it's mostly been neglected. So, now it is a blog for my little creatures and whatnot, because I've been meaning to do this for some time, and only seem to get around to doing this when other people set them in my lap. We'll see how long it takes people to actually get around to reading this. Hee, hee...


  1. It took me long but I read it !

    I wanted to see Hope as a child, that's why I came this far.

    It seems crazy the way it turns out, in 2008 you wondered how many people could read this post, and now I wonder how many people come on your blog everyday !
    I come often, and I'm quite far from your home !

    Hugs from Paris, France